This year, the LAGI 2016 competition is set in California. It comes at a poignant time when Californians are in need of a more constant and reliable energy and clean water supply for its future.


Thus, this year, LAGI asked designers to jigsaw energy and drinking water issues. As has become the hallmark of LAGI this proposal has led to the design of a beautiful electromagnetic desalination pipe – designed by Khalili Engineers of Canada, which is powered by the sun.


Khalili Engineers state their design is a long gleaming thing visible from Santa Monica Pier. It is able to generate – via solar-power – 10,000 MWh which means it can produce 4.5 billion litres of drinking water annually. Now with the perennial issue of Californian drought, this is the perfect complement to the existing utility-scale energy generation currently being used.


The pipe was designed with a two-fold goal. Firstly, it intends to produce pure drinkable water contributing to the city’s water supply. Secondly, it will provide water (with a 12% salinity) for its on-board thermal baths prior to releasing the water back into the ocean. It a clever, sustainable and effective idea.


The Khalili design team states that this method represents a change in the future of water. We all await the winning decision of LAGI 2016 to be announced on October 6th, 2016.}

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