SMOG TOWER_01 We introduce the ‘Smog Free Tower’ which has been designed for use in public parks. It

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uses technology similar to that of indoor air-purifiers but is boosted to work outside. The tower is a lightweight, seven meters tall sculptural form, with tapering body. It runs on only 1,400 watts (similar to an electricity water boiler) and has a low-energy patented ionization technology. SMOG TOWER_02 SMOG TOWER_03 SMOG TOWER_04 SMOG TOWER_05 SMOG TOWER_06 The ‘Smog Free Tower’ filters smog from the surrounding air via its six-sided vents. Its technology draws in positive ions together with the harmful dust particles (which end up stored inside of the tower). This more advanced technology can capture the finer smog particles that other standard filters fail to do. SMOG TOWER_07 SMOG TOWER_08 SMOG TOWER_09 The concept then takes a twist. The captured dust is compressed into high-end jewelry (i.e. rings or cuff-links) that can be bought as souvenirs. Each micro ‘smog cube’ holds smog filtered from 1,000 cubic meters of air. The jewelry is available via Kickstarter. Well worth a look if you’re a smog free supporter. Current cities interested in a smog free environment through use of the tower include, Paris, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Beijing.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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