British designer Alexander Taylor has created ‘Fold‘, a small lamp folded from a single sheet of metal. He began experimenting with heating and bending sheets of acrylic to create the lamp

however the structures proved brittle. It was only when he began using steel that true flexibility began. single-sheet-lamp_01 single-sheet-lamp_02 single-sheet-lamp_03 single-sheet-lamp_04 single-sheet-lamp_05 ‘Fold’ has been created as a set, featuring a table-standing version and floor-standing lamp. The set has a powder-coated finish and there is a Corten weathered steel limited-edition. A colourful braided cord – running along the central stem of the lamp – creates a sharp, attractive, contrast. Fold’s silhouette appears to users as an ordinary table lamp. This creates a balance of technology and the familiar, avoiding intimidating users. This lamp has been entered into the design museum and is now considered a classic of function, efficiency and design.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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