Self-watering Green Wall

Self-watering Green Wall _01 Ever increasing in popularity are ‘Living Green Walls’. They are beginning to become renowned for improving people’s health and that of the environment. In honesty however, maintenance can be a deciding factor and extremely off-putting for those with an emerging interest in green walls. Self-watering Green Wall _02 Self-watering Green Wall _03 Self-watering Green Wall _04 Self-watering Green Wall _05 Now, ‘Suite Plants‘ have taken an innovative stance on this issue via a modular green-wall design solution that’s incredibly easy to maintain. Embedded within its system is an extremely efficient irrigation system requiring no electricity or water pumps to run. The system comes with a wide customizable frame, modular plant cassettes ( holding 4-inch plants), a water tank, and self-watering system that delivers water to all the plants through capillary action. Self-watering Green Wall _06 All users need to do is fill-up the tank every four to six weeks (an in-built warning system shows how full the tank is and when it needs re-filling). Units are lightweight and can be hung on drywall with no added reinforcement required.

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It’s definitely worth a look! Enjoy!

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