Self-shaping Shelters

The architect Haresh Lalvani has turned his design intentions towards emergency-shelter design and is aiming to create a biomimicry-based system imbuing shelter structures with the capacity to shape themselves! Self-shaping Shelters_01 Self-shaping Shelters_02 Self-shaping Shelters_03 Self-shaping Shelters_04 As co-founder of the Pratt Institute Center for Experimental Structures, Lalvani is generating geometry that can assemble, repair, grow, and evolve of its own accord. His concepts are borrowed from biology, mathematics, computer science (and art!), all of which help create this structural self-organization. He is currently working with the metal fabricator, Milgo/Bufkin, where they have converted 2D sheets of perforated metals into 3D structures that can be pulled apart or stretched to help them stand. Self-shaping Shelters_05 Self-shaping Shelters_06 Self-shaping Shelters_07 Self-shaping Shelters_08 Its ground-breaking emergency shelter design (with installation taking less than one minute to create without the need for any tools). Check out the vid…it’s intriguing stuff!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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