Seaweed Furniture Doubling as Fertilizer

3040959-poster-p-1-this-furniture-is-made-from-seaweed-and-paper For a while now, Denmark has been using seaweed for insulation purposes. Its durability is outstanding (up to 150 years). Students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts have put this material to the test be expanding on this tradition and designing their furniture from ground-up granular seaweed.


Designers Jonas Edvard and NikolajSteenfatt have been using ‘Fucus’ seaweed to create elegant minimalist items of furniture. The alginate in the seaweed is used to form a gluey material that once hardened, mimics cork. The embedded salt within the leafy seaweed then acts to preserve the furniture and provides fire resistance.


The idea (known as the Terroir Project) started life as a design investigation into the possibility of utilizing local materials. With an abundant coastline, Denmark’s seaweed seemed the perfect element. The manufacturing process the designers use remains completely natural with no external glues, just seaweed mixed with paper.


The resulting furniture is tough, light and doesn’t give off any odours. As the furniture is made from a substance that contains nitrogen, iodine, magnesium and calcium, this furniture is able to biodegrade and can further be used as fertilizer.


Such ‘greeness’ is off the charts! Go Denmark!}

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