Seattle Biospheres for Amazon

Seattle Biospheres for Amazon_01

For Amazon’s Seattle campus, the architects NBBJ have designed a new addition comprising of three biosphere domes filled with diverse plants. The project aims to provide a green sanctuary for Amazon’s urban campus.

Seattle Biospheres for Amazon_02

Located in front of the new headquarters, the 100-foot-tall biospheres form part of Amazon’s new 3.3 million square foot complex and will contain around 300 species of plants from 30 countries around the world. Small bridges within the domes can be crossed, allowing Amazon employees to interact with the greenery (and each other) in spaces resembling nests. Amazon sees them as places where new possibilities and ideas can be formed and explored.

Seattle Biospheres for Amazon_03

Seattle Biospheres for Amazon_04

Employees will be able to work in a green environment whilst taking full advantage of all the conveniences an urban context has to offer. Upon completion, Amazon will have 10 million square feet across Seattle. The biospheres are expected to open in 2018 with the acquisition of a LEED gold certification for the overall campus design. Leading by example!}}

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