SDA Volvo Pavilion

The international competition to design a ‘rapidly-deployable pavilion’ to showcase and charge Volvo’s new V60 plug-in electric hybrid has been won by the Los Angeles-based architecture firm Synthesis Design + Architecture (SDA).


The competition was organized by the international architecture magazine THE PLAN. The brief asked for an innovative and original design for a temporary pavilion that should express a ‘strong and creative identity’ to allow the Volvo V60 to be showcased at open-air fairs.


SDA’s attempt to re-conceptualize the standard trade-show pavilion led to an organic form composed of HDPE mesh fabric.


Integrated within the digitally-designed fabric contours are photovoltaic panels tensioned over carbon fiber rods. The result is an iconic, high-performance pavilion with outstanding visual impact.


The pavilion is exceptionally portable. The pavilion’s light weight high-tech membrane and embedded photovoltaics make the cost-effective for fabrication and it does not need large crews or machinery for its installation and transportation.


It can be carried on site in the back of the car it will cover. It is no bigger than a tent bag. When assembled however, it appears as a single fluid and continuous surface and not as constructed mechanical components. A beautiful organic solution!


via: designboom


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