An alternative to Trump’s Mexican wall has been proposed! Known as ‘Otra Nation’ it has been designed by the Made Collective (Mexican & American Designers & Engineers).


The proposal is being called a ‘shared co-nation’! Its land would extend 1,200 miles (covering 12 miles either side of the border joining Tijuana, El Paso, and San Diego). The proposal would be powered by large solar-farms and all would be connected with a ‘Hyperloop’ transportation system (further including autonomous vehicles and drone technologies!).


The territory of Otre Nation would have its own independent local government and its newly formed residents would be able to keep their natural-born citizenship. ID microchips would be used for identification purposes through which citizens could gain equal access to health care and educational facilities. Energy-wise, the plan would generate power from 90,000 square kilometers of solar-panels to meet demands of the new territory.


Even though the proposal is not expected to be taken seriously, the Made Collection have applied for a US government contract. It is a philosophy of unity with principles bringing communities together, not creating division! It shows how a networked, sustainable thinking with 21st principles could transform the world for the positive! More of the same please!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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