Orange Eco Boots

The Power Wellie is here! Thermoelectric wellies can help charge your where is viagra sold mobile phone using heat from your feet!

Orange unveiled their Orange Power Wellies, an innovative eco-mobile phone charging prototype made to keep Glastonbury Festival goers connected with their friends across the weekend. Created in collaboration with renewable energy experts GotWind, they use a unique ‘power generating sole’ turning the heat from online pharmacy shop reviews your cost of viagra in mexico feet into power – which is then used to

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re-charge your mobile phone.

Twelve hours of stomping during the Festival will generate one hour or power for your phone. If you want to increase the amount of time get that viagra canada body moving and feet dancing away as the hotter they get, the more power you’ll produce!

They work using the ‘Seebeck’ effect (basically low dose cialis daily thermoelectric modules that produce energy based on temperature differences between the cold ground and hot feet).


Previous Orange projects have included the Recharge Pod (wind and solar energy) Dance Charger (kinetic energy) and the Orange Power-Pump.


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