Pretty much everyone understands the long-term environmental problems with plastic bags. Now the battle against the ubiquitous plastic bag is taking a new turn. Akinori Ito, a Japanese inventor has created a machine that is able to convert ‘plastic-bags’ into fuel.



His machine is non-polluting and can process polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene (but not PET bottles) converting approximately 2 lbs. of plastic into one ‘quart of oil’ with every kilowatt of energy used.


Ito made the simple yet brilliant realization that plastic bags are created from oil and therefore should be able to be converted back into oil. His machine heats plastic with electricity. It then traps cools and transforms the vapors given-off back into crude oil. This oil can then be used to power generators and stoves (and if further refining turned into gasoline). It’s a ‘win-win’ situation with CO2 pollution being eliminated and the general public beginning to gain a deep awareness for the dangers and potential of plastics.


In the near future, Ito wants to adapt the machine to become an everyday household product. It could help consumers achieve energy independence and avoid the need to further extract oil from our Earth. Ito’s Blest Corporation is currently selling the carbon-negative system at around $10,000. Expensive right? Ito remains optimistic aiming to reduce costs as his device becomes ever more widespread. We wish him and the Blest corporation continued success on their endeavors. Follow the link to see the process!

Source: inhabitat.comwww.env.go.jp

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