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Most people take the artificial light that surrounds them for granted. However, hundreds of millions of people do not yet have access to electricity. Instead, they end-up using costly and harmful ‘kerosene’ lamps for lighting. Currently, roughly one quarter of the world’s population is still burning fossil-fuels for light, creating around 190 million tons of carbon-dioxide that is consistently released into the our atmosphere each year.

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Steve Katsaros at Nokero (short for ‘no kerosene’) recently created the N100 bulb (with a built-in solar panel). When fully charged, the batteries are capable of powering the bulb between 8- 12hours (dependant on brightness settings). An auto mode (that automatically switches-off the bulb when ambient light is sufficient) is also offered.

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Now, Katsaros and his team at Nokero have turned to the N200. It is a smaller, durable and versatile light-weight bulb. The Nokero 200 bulb is also waterproof. It has been designed with three modes: on; off; and turbo-task; It can last six hours (or more) on a single day’s charge (lasting 2.5 hours per night on turbo-task). The bulb itself has a single solar-panel that can be angled toward the sun maximizing charging potential during the day. Later, at night, the bulb can be used internally or externally. Its batteries are expected to last for over two years with LED’s lasting longer. Check out the Nokero website for accurate specs of each bulb. The vid will give you a great idea regarding the bulb’s potential. Enjoy!

Check out for one more video!

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