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When hundredths of seconds count, any runner (Olympian or otherwise) should not be focused on ill-fitting sunglasses as opposed to a their race! Thus, Nike’s high-end shades known as ‘Wing’, have been designed to evade the two main areas typically creating problems and distractions for athletes (the bridge of the nose and above the ears). This, in turn, is allowing them to conserve and focus their energies more competitively.

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Nike have been collaborating with designers at VSP Global; and optics gurus at Zeiss; to introduce a pair of sunglasses that don’t work, or look, like the ‘shades’ people ordinarily wear.

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These glasses weigh a mere 26 grams. Instead, a single lens adjoins a silicone rubber strap that loops around the head. creating a pair of shades that hug the head as opposed to rest on it. They avoid the use of hinges, temples, and earpieces eliminating the pressure and irritation normally associated at these points. In doing so, athletes are once again free to put their attention and energies into what matters most.

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Wing sunglasses retail around the $1,200 price. The comfort, weight, and drag advantages they offer may not register at the level of most amateur athletes (although many amateurs are still shaving their legs to ‘shave’ their times!). Wind tunnel testing at the tunnel at Sacramento State University has located streamlining issues with the strap and temple drag as two areas of concern (generating turbulence that leads to energy wastage). Now, a ventilated brow-bar minimizes fogging and a peak shaped like a ship’s hull to assist air to flow smoothly over and around the frame

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Nike is aiming to make their shades so light and comfortable that athletes effectively forget they are wearing them. Tall aims indeed. The best of luck!}

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