Nebia Shower Spray Saves Gallons

It’s 2015, California has once again found itself without water. With 40 million inhabitants, any shortage issues need to be taken seriously. Now NEBIA (a local San Francisco based start up) is making a significant contribution to the issue. They are focusing on the ‘showering time’ of locals and have gone back to the drawing board to redesign a new unit all together.


Nebia have concentrated on saving water over the total shower experience. Their head is designed to atomize water into a millions of droplets, achieving 10 times more spray than regular showers. Their nozzle design (influenced by space rocket thrusters) has been able to use 70% less water.


Nebia has calculated that around 200 billion gallons of water can be saved over the course of a year if inhabitants were to switch to such their system. The company ‘box clever’ has been hired to craft a beautiful housing for the technology allowing it to be both attractive and functional. Let’s see if it catches on!

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