Mushroom Lamp Kits

Here’s one for our green enthusiast readers! The eco-designer Danielle Trofe and Ecovative have collaborated on a fun, sustainable lamp project! The project was recently launched on Kickstarter, under the title Grow-It-Yourself Lamp Kit.

Mushroom Lamp Kits_01

This wonderful kit allows creatively-minded users to make a beautiful lampshade. The lampshade is made by directly mixing a substrate (made of mushroom) with water and flour. The kit itself includes a bag of the substrate (called mushroom mycelium), a physical mold (in which to set the substrate), a pendant lamp set (that has been UL-certified) plus the overall instructions to make the lamp.

Mushroom Lamp Kits_02

Mushroom Lamp Kits_03

Mushroom Lamp Kits_04

After placing the substrate in the mold, tap-water and a sprinkling of flour must be added to the mixture. Addition steps include baking in the material in the oven (so adult supervision is required).

Mushroom Lamp Kits_05

Mushroom Lamp Kits_06

Mushroom Lamp Kits_07

The kit finally comes with as a hanging pendant set and/or standing table lamp made from sustainably sourced wood! A nice gift for an eco-conscious friend we think!

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