Mirror Mirror!

Mirror Mirror_01

This new B+P Architects project is an art annex in New Taipei City. The structure’s skin is clad in steel mirrors that allow it to seamlessly blend into its immediate environment.

Mirror Mirror_02

Mirror Mirror_03

The name of the project is “Within The Reflection: THE ARK of ART”. The intimate space it creates is for creativity and reflection. The effect it generates raises issues about the presence and role of architecture in the community.

Mirror Mirror_04

Mirror Mirror_05

Mirror Mirror_06

Mirror Mirror_07

Additional projects using mirror as an overall skin include Doug Aitken’s ‘Mirage House’ and the ‘Reflective Café’ in Japan by Bandesign. Both of these architectural projects are attractive architectural structures that seem to dissolve into their surroundings.

Mirror Mirror_08

In this case, the mirror beautifully conceals the volume and the verdant reflections that it emits from the mirror camouflage its true presence. Philosophically, it asks users (in particular ‘architectural students’) to rethink the relationship between themselves their surroundings and the environment at large. A truly thoughtful and reflective work!

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