Micro-homes Are Here!

Kasita: The Future Of Housing from Westfolk Film Co. on Vimeo.

The Kasita mobile home is a 33 sq.M split-level living space using transformable elements like white walls, furniture and ceilings making it feel tremendously large and airy for its size! It is a fully automated home whose curtain-less windows can turn opaque via smartphone app.

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The Kasita prefabricated home takes advantage of undevelopable real estate in pricey urban areas with limited space and can be positioned almost anywhere using a crane in three weeks! They are designed to be used in various combination such as stacked apartments, family homes, student and workforce housing and in any other ways that take your fancy!

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Homes are equipped with all amenities i.e. walk-in shower, fridge, oven, washer-dryer, hob, and queen-sized beds The home comes in at around $139,000. If this is affordable, just $1,000 will reserve you a spot on the waiting list. Check the vid for more detailed info!} else {}

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