Micro Home

Micro Home_01

‘Pop-up’ housing always seems to be changing directions! Now, in a collaboration between TripAdvisor Rentals and Wayfair sees a green capsule being inserted into the ‘London Eye’ Ferris Wheel in the form of a micro-apartment.

Micro Home_02

Micro Home_03

Micro Home_04

Micro Home_05

The interior of the apartment was inspired by the rainforest so one can expect to see lots of greenery in the form of real vegetation and floral prints. Due to weight furniture is of course at a minimum (a bed, a chair, a much needed dresser!).

Micro Home_06

Beatriz Gaspar-Perez and her son were the two lucky winners of the ‘Sky High Stay’ promotional competition recently held. In winning the competition, they have become the pod’s first occupants, spending the night in it and enjoying the 360-degree panoramic views the micro-home has to offer! Wherever next we ask ourselves!

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