London Bike Superhighway

This week, Europe’s longest protected bike lane was given the go-ahead by the Mayor of London, ensuring bike-riders get a safe trip through London when travelling East to West. Currently, a similar route that runs North to South is also up for consideration. Together, these ‘bike superhighways’ are a giant leap forward for busy London commuters who prefer pedal-power to motor-power. London bike 01 Such bike lanes prevent crashes between cyclist and motorists. Now, riders can travel fear-free from one location to another. Since the dramatic increase in cycling’s popularity since the London Games, it has now become a major transport option for London. In a recent interview, the transport minister for London Peter Hendy explained that with over 170,000 bike journeys now being made daily across central London, this will allow people to enjoy the commute. London bike 02 London bike 03 According to the Guardian newspaper, the project will cost around one billion euros, and will be 18 miles long. This is definitely a big commitment from London towards reducing road

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