Living Tables

Living Tables_01

If you purchase a plant-filled Living Table, it will surely green-up your home! This low-maintenance planter system was designed by Habitat Horticulture who have been sensitive to producing an attractive yet manageable system that even a naïve green-fingered beginner could handle!

Living Tables_02

The Living Table has an irrigation system that generates a capillary action allowing water to flow upwards. This system perfectly balances moisture to aeration levels meaning no need for drainage. This auto-regulation saves plants that would otherwise be effected by either too much or too little water.

Living Tables_03

Living Tables_04

The Living Table works best with the standard 4” plant containers (or smaller) which need to be placed against the Habitat Horticulture ‘Growtex’ capillary mat to thrive. Then, viola!

Living Tables_05

The Living Table is available in two sizes (stainless steel or powder white finish) and comes in at around $850.00. Definitely unique!