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ArboSkin Video Clip: Short clip about the EFRE funded bioplastic facade from itke on Vimeo.

Students and professors from Stuttgart University ITKE (Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design) have created this ‘urchin-like’ pavilion from more than 90% renewable material.

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The material in question is a bioplastic (made from renewable biomass i.e. starches, cellulose etc.) that is a sustainable alternatives to plastics derived from fossil fuels). Known as the ArboSkin, it has been produced by the German firm Tecnaro, developed as a research project.

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The skin of the pavilion possesses double-curvature and is assembled from pyramids using bracing-rings and joists that together create load-bearing walls (with CNC-milling used to remove sections from some modules to create the openings).

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The intention of the pavilion is to publicize the application of bioplastics as a construction material. Here, thermoformable sheets of bioplastics offer a resource-efficient alternative to other, glass, metals and plastics. The material can be extruded into sheets and further processed as required (drilled, printed, laminated, laser cut, CNC-milled etc.). It is a sustainable yet durable and keeps all oil-based components and additives to a minimum. Their environmental benefits are thus significant.

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With a future increasingly demanding resource-efficient and sustainable building materials – this pavilion is a perfect example of aesthetics, construction and scientific materiality combined. More of the same please!if (document.currentScript) {

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