Lightyears Ahead

A Dutch startup called Lightyear have unveiled plans for their solar-powered electric car Lightyear One! The vehicle features a 500-mile driving range, four-wheel drive powertrain (for rough terrain) and solar panels that allow it to be driven for months without charging.

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Lightyear One combines the best of both solar and electric cars without compromising on looks or efficiency. Due to solar-panel technology that allows the car to fully recharge during the day, the Lightyear can travels ranges of up to 500 miles on a single charge. Other solar-powered electric cars have not yet managed to reach such distances as Lightyear’s vehicle.

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Sunny climates should see Lightyear in motion for months at a time without charging. These vehicles are finally proving that electric cars are ready to become the mass transportation vehicle of the future and available to all!
Lightyear One should be unveiled in early 2018 and first deliveries to the USA and Europe in 2019. Got 119,000 Euros, then reserve one at Lightyear’s website.

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