L.E.D. Jacket Extraordinaire

Check out the new LED jacket by young Italian technical outerwear brand Nemen.



The jacket expresses the brand’s passion for research and development in textiles at an intersecting point with sportswear. In this stunning reflective jacket, the optical fibers are embedded within it and are lit by a system of 12 integrated LEDs (two rechargeable lithium batteries offer 8 hours of lighting).


On the external part of the jacket, the fabric is a monofilament of nylon and steel. On top of this sits a polyurethane transparent film that shields the more fragile optical fibers. As light illuminates the jacket from within, a visual depth is created giving it a unique glowing effect. On the inside of the jacket, an aluminum coating reflects the body’s heat back in, insulating it from cold weather and wind.


The jacket is simply state of the art urban (and suburban) wear. It can simultaneously guarantee high visibility and offer protection from the elements. The price for this extremely sexy and complexly made jacket is around $3,000 (2,400 euros) and needs to be ordered by special request. Unique or what!

Read more: http://www.nemen.it
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