KEEP SHINING_01 Voltaic Systems have produced ‘SHINE’, an all-in-one personal solar-panel, light, and USB charger. It offers 30 hours of bright LED light on a single charge. It has it all! It’s light, portable, waterproof, and sleek in design. It provides a reliable source of light for every situation i.e. domestic, natural disaster, off-grid, DIY etc. KEEP SHINING_02 Its interior is the secret! It has a powerful internal battery that following a single charge, can shine for 30 hours! The bright, attractive design produces brilliant LED light when you need it most. This is particularly important when disaster strikes. The idea was inspired by Hurricane Sandy, Voltaic Systems’ (based in Brooklyn, NY) honed their design over time to provide an efficient resource for those most in need. Whenever an extra light is required SHINE never disappoints. KEEP SHINING_03 KEEP SHINING_04 Shine is a collaborative project in partnership with non-profit Fabretto. Together, they are contributing to off-the-grid environments in undeveloped communities across Nicaragua. KEEP SHINING_05 The production of SHINE commenced in November 2015 and are expected to be shipped January 2016. The first batch will be limited to 2,000 Shine lights. It’s a great

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invention and deserves support! Help where you can! Read the previous ‘SHINE’ story at : Single Charge = 30HRS+

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