Inventive Vase

Inventive Vase_01

The ubiquitous ‘glass bottle’ is being cleverly transformed into beautiful vases by Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken. In this distinctive process, the first wraps a wire around a bottle, then heats the entire bottle up. When at the correct temperature, the bottle is slowly inflated using an air compressor into the amazing sculptural forms that you see here!

Inventive Vase_02

Inventive Vase_03

To create the uniqueness to such an everyday item, Kuiken had to invent his own glass-blowing system with adapted compressor and oven. After thousands of attempts, the designer incrementally arrived at the right process, a process that yielded diverse and intriguing forms for these quirky objects.

Inventive Vase_04

Inventive Vase_06

Currently, Kuiken’s collection – which can be seen at the London Design Festival – has seventeen varieties. For interested parties, the bottles can also be purchased online.

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