Hyperloop Re-loaded

Elon Musk’s futuristic San Francisco to Los Angeles ‘Hyperloop’ track could be free for commuters. The track is expected to cialisfordailyuse-right provide a 30-minute journey between the two Californian cities.



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Talking on CNBC the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Dirk Ahlborn explained that a free journey for passengers was being considered. The business model is similar to ‘free-to-play’ video games where money is made through in-game purchases and upgrades. Are tickets the only way to generate income? If Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are able to move beyond this idea, then fares could be free during off-peak times and low-cost during peak-time. This is just one of the models open to buy 5 mg cialis consideration in the decade (or more) prior to ‘opening-day’.




Building where can i buy viagra costs are expected to reach between $7 and $16 buy viagra billion (yet operating costs still remain undefined). Whatever the cost, the project will have to be profitable. We wait to see which direction it will take and whether a more innovative business model can be employed!

Check out this awesome video: Hyperloop

Source: www.popsci.com, www.spacex.com} else {

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