Hy-wire Act

GM appear to have seriously invested in their Hy-wire concept car program (which has produced 30plus patents up to now).


The most innovative may be the “skateboard” chassis (only 11 inches thick). It is able to support various types of upper body variation in a kit-like system  i.e. SUV, sport, family chassis.


The upper and lower segments of the car are fixed together through 10 contact points (plus one electrical) which generates lots of interior space in the process.


The skateboard chassis also holds their drive-by-wire system. This significantly expands options for vehicle design as the driver’s controls can easily be adjusted sit on the right or left and or to fit the driver’s taste or mood. The elimination of  mechanical linkages importantly provide savings in weight reducing energy demand.


Now the energy part, GM’s 94-kW hydrogen fuel-cell (which emits only water) delivers hydrogen through three 5000-psi compressed-hydrogen tanks (centre of illustration) to power an 80-hp electric motor (allowing a range of 80 miles and speed of 160km/h).


GM aim to place all these systems in their energy-saving vehicle of the future. With such a car, they could shield the auto industry from a fickle  oil industry (most hydrogen is produced from natural gas found within the country). This car is definitely at an important energy crossroad!