Wind energy is probably the most environmentally-friendly energy sources, but some complain of how turbines look. Here is a new windmill that has been designed by Terry Glenn Phipps.


He has combined with an Italian clean technology company to form the attractive turbine ‘Hercules’. It certainly is a looker! In contrast to its name it appears slim and elegant. Hercules is 23-foot tall. Its three wooden blades measure three meters long weighing about 15.5 pounds each.

This advanced design allows the wind turbine to take advantage of the air flowing from any direction (not just oncoming winds) so it can adapt to many different weather conditions.


This refreshing mechanism is not ideal for commercial usage as it focuses on design and aesthetics. It is ideal for the people who dislike the large, white mechanical pinwheels all over their their backyard. Hercules is in the direction of a personal and ‘local’ option for eco-lovers wishing to produce renewable energy for their eco-home.} else {

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