Graphene Paint Efficiency

Graphene Paint Efficiency_01

The strongest material currently known to science is graphene. It is used in a diverse range of objects from condoms to contact lenses.

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Now, the Graphene Company, have created the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive substance to be offered to the public, paint! Yes, they are offering a lime-based paint that is as good for the environment as it is thin (which is saying something).

Graphene Paint Efficiency_03

It aims to make any structure more efficient. This lime-based paint has superconductivity, meaning it increases ‘thermal regulation’ of a structure. For instance in a home, the paint can reduce the need for heating and/or air-conditioning by slowing heat conduction through walls and out of buildings. Less heat, lower bills, planet-saving!

Graphene Paint Efficiency_04

The eco-friendly paint is made from 98% pure lime, meaning it purifies surrounding air by absorbing carbon dioxide. The company thus asserts its sustainability (claiming it to be the most eco-friendly paint in the world). The product is already being used on hospital, school and hotel walls. Expect demand to increase greatly!

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