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To use an English phrase, Google’s plans for their new London headquarters are well sweet! Way to go Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels. They have turned a-million-square-foot of office space into an eleven-story ‘landscraper’ (similar in length to the Shard by Renzo Piano). It is located at London’s King’s Cross railway terminal and surrounded by infrastructural roads, rail and canals.

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The offices offer plenty of healthy natural light filtered by greenery. In thinking of the continued health of their employees, Google has provided a ’wellness center’ with multipurpose sports facilities, gyms, swimming pool, massage rooms, rooftop garden and diverse landscapes with edible fruits, cafes, and viewpoints.

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It will act as a campus for around 7,000 employees. It is extremely ‘future-friendly’ as it is made from a series of interchangeable elements that can reconfigure to keep the space flexible for years to come.

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Energy-efficient systems are embedded within the HQ. Its solar rooftop is able to generate approximately 20MWh of output annually and motorized timber blinds wrapping the building mediate heat gain to reduce energy consumption. Finally, the extensive bicycle parking facility encourages employees to commute to work by bike. If planning permission goes well, expect construction to begin in 2018.

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