A new bike path in Lidzbark Warminski, Poland is glowing electric blue at night! The path is illuminated by a synthetic material called phosphor. It is able to light-up after being charged by sunlight. The developers of the project TPA Instytut Badari Technicznych Sp.z o.o. were inspired by the work of Studio Roosegaarde (Starry Night Bike Lane) which led them to pursue an innovative glowing bike path within Poland.



After collecting the sun’s rays, the material has ‘luminophore particles’ able to emit a range of colors. The ‘luminophores’ (in this case blue) can give-off light for around 10 hours, thus glowing through the night. The overall intention of the bike path is to improve the safety of those choosing to cycle at night. Preliminary testing is underway and we look forward to seeing the electric blue paths increasing biker-safety.