Future Urban Transport

Wang Yixing has the ultimate scooter solution. It covers every aspect of public transportation. As a portable option to be sold from vending machines, his idea is ideal for the nomadic urbanite of the future.

Future Urban Transport_01

Future Urban Transport_02

Future Urban Transport_00

His scooter is both completely collapsible. Its compact shape, easily fits into any bag and takes up almost no room. In crowded situations (like stations and bus-stops) its ability to collapse down in the fewest steps possible averts any conflict with other members of the public. Clearly he has invested a tremendous amount of research into getting the scooter to such a small volume. It is truly an economical and efficient piece of public transportation for the future. We feel an award is due here. 

Source: www.designboom.comstupiddope.comwangyixing.org}

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