From African Mall to Rural Villages

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In Sandton City, Johannesburg, there exists a shopping mall. This mall has a special and unique 68-tile walkway which is part of Samsung’s ‘What If I Can’ campaign. When walking over this passage-way (made from ‘Pavegens’ amazing kinetic tiling) it is possible to generate energy from the simple movement of people. The power generated is currently providing energy for lighting and heating in deprived rural communities in South Africa.

Why at this location you might well ask? Well, the Sandton City walkway actually receives over two million footsteps a month. This extremely large size of ‘footfall rate’ is allowing the shopping centre passageway to generate lots of power.

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Samsung is behind the ‘What If I Can’ campaign which is transforming peoples’ attitudes towards becoming proactive and optimistic citizens with a sense of connection. People using the walkway can ‘collectively’ affect and change the lives of others. Each small individual step generates energy which helps others in more difficult circumstances to transcend their limitations. The cumulative pressure on the tiles (made from millions of individual footsteps) will light rural spaces at night so people and children can read and educate themselves.

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Could the simple act of putting ‘one foot in front of another’, when committed on a daily basis become a viable way of generating electricity even for our own smart-cities of the future. Watch this space!} else {

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