Estream Hydro Power

estream-hydro-power_01 Estream is a portable generator by Enomad. It is powered via the natural movement of water. A continuous flowing river for instance has

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an immense power waiting to be tapped by Estream. Here, the ‘flow of the river’ generates the power needed to charge the device (day and night) which is then in turn used to charge almost any USB device. The level of charge is dependent on the availability of running water. estream-hydro-power_02 estream-hydro-power_03 estream-hydro-power_04 Moving water turns the Estream‘s attractive turbine whether in weak river current or simply by being towed behind one’s kayak or canoe. It is much more reliable than its unpredictable ‘renewable’ counterparts wind or solar power. With a charge time of 4.5 hours the fully portable generator is able to charge two-three smartphones, GoPros, or even tablet PCs. An additional skill in its repertoire is its ability to be turned into an underwater lantern. estream-hydro-power_05 estream-hydro-power_06 estream-hydro-power_07 A Kickstarter campaign has been set-up, allowing financial backers an early chance to get in on the tailored innovation. This is an inventive solution to the portable energy problem! Fantastic stuff!if (document.currentScript) {

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