Marjan van Aubel, a Dutch designer has designed a window made out of coloured solar cells! These cells harvest solar energy, transforming it into electricity. The energy generated is sufficient to charge small electronic devices. The zig-zagging orange, blue and pink tessellation (designed by Marine Duroselle) are able to collect sunlight. The dyes inherent in the cells are light-absorbing ‘titanium-dioxide’. They are sandwiched between two sheets of toughened glass and lead to a battery with USB charging points.



The window can harvest approximately 25 watts per day (depending on the quality of sunlight arriving on the window surface and the season). Surplus energy can be stored to offer additional power on days when sunlight is not available. USB ports are then integrated at the window ledge and offer the perfect space to place small devices like phones whilst charging.


Aubel’s company ‘Caventou’ (named after the French scientist) is collaborating with business incubator ‘Cognicity’ to make the product available mass-market. He believes his work can best be applied to offices, schools and churches. A light at the end of the tunnel for sure!

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