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Finnish researchers have solved world hunger…possibly! Now, a team of scientists – led by the Principal Scientist Juha-Pekka – at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a single-cell protein using electricity and carbon-dioxide. Their product is a nutritious mix of around 50% protein, 25% carbs and the remaining fat and nucleic acids. If the total product is produced via renewable energy (like solar-power) it would be a renewable energy source for humans as raw materials are available from the air!

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Interest in this process is about to skyrocket as it could potentially be used to feed both human and animals! If the technology could be made portable, it could be transported to remote regions in areas of great famine. At a more personal scale, the possibility of a smaller ‘domestic-appliance’ could also allow for the personal creation of food literally from the air!

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The next big step involves achieving greater efficiency and scaling-up the process for commercial opportunities. At the moment, a single gram of protein takes around two weeks to produce yet, the team believe a ‘10-year’ timeframe will be needed to take their product to full commercialization.

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Such a breakthrough would then be able to provide near-endless, nutritious and cheap food to people all over the globe! The added benefit is that the process would contribute to a decrease in global greenhouse gases (given-off through the production of livestock) and a freeing-up of the associated land for other purposes!

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