Dyson Spheres

A group of American astronomers from Penn State are searching for alien ‘solar power stations’  commonly known as Dyson spheres (huge energy structures built to surround a star).

Dyson Spheres_01

It has been theorized that all Life eventually increases energy demands that supersede available energy on a planet. Very limited choices could force a civilization to mine energy from their nearby stars. Freeman Dyson, a mathematician from the 60′s, theorized that any civilization would have to build similar structures to survive such planetary energy demands.

Dyson Spheres_02

Dyson Spheres_06

Dyson Spheres_04

Taking these futuristic insights very seriously, the  astronomers are now looking for spherical veil-like structures (Dyson point cloud) swarm-like in appearance. We wait to see what can be found and what could be learned.

Dyson Spheres_05

In the meantime check out the attractive visionary vid that offers some general theory about our own Earth and the possibility of it being a Dyson Sphere. Imagination is more important than knowledge as Einstein said. It’s all intriguing and energetic stuff!

Source: www.theatlantic.com

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