DiCaprio’s Before the Flood

The actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s is working to raise stronger awareness of climate change! Following his environmentalist Oscar speech, he has now been getting behind the camera to work on a new documentary known as ‘Before the Flood’. It is a filmic collaboration between DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens (The Cove, award-winning film about dolphin hunting in Japan).




In the movie, DiCaprio travels across the globe exploring the impact of global warming. He interviews diverse figures – from USA President Barach Obama to Pope Francis! DiCaprio promotes a sense of urgency in solving the climate problem. He introduces the relevance of a carbon-tax and the need for a capitalist economy (in particular large fossil-fuel companies) to invest in renewables. DiCaprio remains a charismatic individual that we hope people will listen to. Check out his movie trailer via the video above:document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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