Copenhagen Smart-Bike Pioneers

  Copenhagen has further raised the bar of ‘bikeshare’ systems by developing a high-tech bikeshare, known as Bycyklen. The Bycyklen system of smart and innovative bikes is

now being rolling-out. 20131106111113 Step-123_2_900x808 Ordinarily, most bike-sharing users get on bikes at docking stations and drop them off at other stations in and around the city. When a GPS smart system (embedded in the ‘vandal-proof’ tablets) recognizes a lack of bikes in certain areas, it offers riders incentives to drop-off their bikes at points ‘low on bikes’ in exchange for future credit on the bikeshare system. Less energy is needed and/or wasted ‘redistributing’ bikes to necessary locations and the whole system runs more efficiently. TheBikeGraphic_900x830 The question raised through this scheme will be…is a city with an already large proportion of bike owners willing to adopt this clever concept or will it be necessary for other cities to adopt it and build on it. We’ll wait and see! UrsulaBachYY5A1895 UrsulaBachYY5A1901  document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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