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Rather than shipping food into a city from a great distance, might it not be better to source fresh and local foods. Now, Local Roots has been developing hydroponic ‘shipping-container farms’ known as ‘TerraFarms’ that use water, not the usual earth to grow produce. This simple, effective system is a truly scalable concept, meaning you could be seeing one near you soon! Local Roots is said to be working-out a deal with ‘Space X’ to put one in space!

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TerrFarms ‘produce’ can grow two times faster than traditional farming methods with 97 percent less water and no pesticides or herbicides used. ‘Light’ is their key to successful harvesting. TerraFarm uses LED lighting that operates at specific wavelengths and intensities with additional technical gadgetry like sensor systems able to monitor the atmospheric conditions, water levels and nutrients.

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From set-up to first harvest, the process takes around four weeks. It uses between five to twenty gallons of water daily to make all the lettuce, kale, strawberries, just about anything healthy. The TerraFarm can grow food equal to an amount normally grown on three to five acres of land! Los Angeles has already ear-marked a farm with several shipping containers on the way!

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Don’t mock it! Local Roots’ technology may soon be used to feed our astronauts’ deep space missions, supplying them with all the fresh nutrients they need. The opportunities are beyond the planetary!

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