CMYK BULB_01 A light bulb casting

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‘differently-coloured-shadows’ has been developed by the designer Dennis Parren. The bulb combines a ‘white’ main light source with ‘red’, ‘green’ and ‘blue’ LEDs. The result is a bulb that is able to cast cyan, magenta and yellow shadows. CMYK BULB_02 It was designed — as so many successful things are these days — as part of Parren’s graduation project way back in 2011at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The prototype was showcased at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan in tandem with a complementary ‘shade’ that was specifically designed for the bulb! The shade has a faceted Diamond shape and is constructed of matt white polypropylene. Tiny pin-pricks in its surface scatter coloured dots of light onto adjacent surroundings. CMYK BULB_03 All LEDs are an improvement (in energy terms) over incandescent bulbs. However, we think the attractiveness of the shadows warrants a special mention. CMYK BULB_04 The expected price for the bulb (when it appears in shops) will be around €95.

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