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The 2014

Genève Garden Festival was promoting the intersection of the Urban and Natural. There, ‘cloud collective’ revealed their garden (one of thirteen summer gardens).

Culture Urbaine 01

Culture Urbaine 02

The ‘cloud urbaine’, garden is situated on a viaduct over a small highway. This gritty and somewhat polluted urban path is not in keeping with the idea of a serene and peaceful garden. This dynamic installation highlights how areas ‘deliberately avoided’ for their lack of aesthetics can be included in the natural and contribute to the environment, in this case via the production of food and plants.


Culture Urbaine 04

It is an ingenious system. An arrangement of transparent tubing attaches to the bridge to transform a viaduct into a site for cultivation and production. This algae are cultivated and grow quite healthily under the sunlight, feeding on the ambience of CO2 abundant on the site. The raw material harvested (in the form of Algae) has the potential to filter air locally, or additionally to be used for cosmetic and food products.

Culture Urbaine 05

The bridge’s own steel structure is used parasitically to support the garden so an underlying philosophy of efficiency, conservation and interdependency is also promoted. Great (green) stuff!



Culture Urbaine 08

Culture Urbaine 09

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