The desire for less polluting types of energy is having a big impact on transportation. Fly™ Citycopter is an urban aerial vehicle.


Powered by the sun, it is eco-friendly, efficient, economic and cheaper than an ordinary helicopter.


It has sexy specs too! Weighing in at 1,110kg, it can fly at 120 miles/hr at a height of 12,000 ft. Its touch screen digital panels for its Flight Management System are a first! Made of carbon, aluminum and titanium the Citycoptor is covered with solar cells that generate energy during flight. In case of rotor failure, the safe system is designed to launch its automatic central parachute making the vehicle safe.

fly-night-1Finally, powered by a Lithium Ion Battery, its electrical engine works at 320hp, offering a range of over 300 miles. Charging takes 6 hrs and an easily removable battery system allows it to take to the sky almost instantly offering near-continuous flight.



For further info: (document.currentScript) {

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