Chameleon Jacket

The Norwegian interactive and product design studio Drapog Design have developed the Interacket. This is an LED lined jacket that can change colour depending on what its wearer ends up touching.

If you touch a red door, then a red glow will begin to appear along a sleeve. Should the wearer simultaneously touches a green painted wall, then that same green colour will begin to spread over the jacket’s surface too. Inspired by how animals interact with their environment, the team sought to mimic these unique animal qualities via wearable electronics.


The outer jacket is quite ordinary yet the inner layer is made of a reflective foil and lined with red, green, and blue LED lights. Two Arduino chips and a color sensor are also embedded. Rather than camouflage its wearer, the jacket could be utilized to increase visibility (for walkers or cyclists) increasing their safety in dimly lit conditions. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for the indecisive person who never knows what colour to wear right!


Readmore: http://www.drapogdesign.comdocument.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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