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Ohio Airships have developed a huge airship that could change how packages are transported around the world, reducing transportation costs and widening the area of delivery to the most inaccessible regions. The idea comes from Robert Rist and colleague Brian Martin….


Sky Farm

China possesses 10% of global arable land, but this is decreasing as its population continues to grows. Enter the Dyv-Net scheme (Dynamic Vertical Networks) by JAPA Architects. It is a 187.5 metre vertical farm built from lightweight metals. The project…


A New Spin on Drinking Water

The French company Eole has modified a wind turbine to generate ENERGY from wind and WATER intake of air creating up to 1000 litres of fresh, clean drinking water daily. The WMS1000 is designed to last for around 20 years…


Energy Olympics

The amazing waterfall pictured below might become a renewable energy source for the 2016 Olympic Games and a must-see tourist attraction. This ‘Solar City Tower’ as it is known is set to generate electricity for the Brazil Olympics! It completely…