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Students at the Universite Laval engineering college in Quebec have won the Shell ‘Eco-marathon Americas’ contest for internal combustion engines. They did so with their Alérion Supermileage car. The car has managed to achieve 2,713.1 miles per gallon of gasoline….

Just how to Summarize a Study Report

Pregnancy Release With adolescent women becoming pregnant, United States has one of the highest prices of adolescent pregnancy, one of the industrialized countries. Adolescent pregnancy is a disaster that concerns different users of the household the baby, parents, in addition…



Instead of rigid, cumbersome flat solar panels, we could all soon be powering our homes and electronics via stickers. Currently, engineers at Stanford have successfully developed thin, flexible, peel-able solar-cells which can then be attached to just about any surface….

Sun Seeker

A self-driving garden may seem far-fetched but now, the University College London’s (UCL) Interactive Architecture Lab has created a nomadic, self-cultivating garden that moves around all by itself! The sphere has been designed by UCL students William Victor Camilleri and…



A group of students at the University of Tokyo have created a ’3D printing pen’ and have begun to develop complex structures out of plastic sticks. The drawings/structures are formed via thermoplastic filament. The strings bond with acrylic rods, creating forms…

The Future’s Got Game

If you haven’t already heard, video games are increasingly becoming an important tool for designing cities (just ask Los Angeles architect and game developer Jose Sanchez). His movie (see link) shows a neighbourhood-building simulator called ‘BLOCK’HOOD‘. It has the potential…

Kirigami Panels Increase Efficiency

The Japanese art of ‘Kirigami’ has been cleverly employed by researchers at the University of Michigan. Together, they’ve managed to construct a lattice-like strip into an effective solar-cell. The Kirigami solar-cell system expands over the course of the day to…

Spray on Solar Panels

A nanomaterials chemist at the University of Texas at Austin, Brian Korgel is making nanocrystals for paintable solar panels. This paint is made of copper, indium, gallium and selenide (CIGS) nanocrystals. Focused on ‘CIGS’  the team were able to dissolve it…


It’s official! The Dutch team of university students have done it again! The ‘World Solar cialis results Challenge’ asks competitors to build a solar-powered car that can persist across the Australian outback (one of the hottest places in the World)….