Cardboard Rules

Can you imagine the amount of energy saved by avoiding plastic production. Well here are some of the most creative, fantastic and innovative gadgets made from cardboard.

Berlin Boombox
This innovative music station was Designed by Axel Pdaener. It has been named after the city in which it was designed. It’s made from reyclable cardboard. It holds two-5W speakers with and runs on AA batteries. Sweet at a cost of around £50.


Cardboard Bike
The cardboard bike has been designed by Israeli inventor Ishar Gafni to bear the weight of a human body. It is a sturdy design that is both water and fireproof. The bike contains no metal parts and is finished in a white laquer. The cost is an unbelievable  $20.


Vax Ev
Jake Tyler an Industrial design student has reinvented the vacuum cleaner. This cardboard model is fully functional and made from recycled material, (mostly) cardboard. Only a prototype for now, however the company who designed it is soon hoping to go into production. Best of luck!


Kid Koala’s 12 Bit Blues
Too cute for words, the limited edition Canadian DJ’s merchandise is a small do it yourself gramophone. After assembly, simply spin any disc with your hand…just like the real thing.

IKEA Knappa camera
This slim and sexy cardboard camera takes up to 30 shots which can then simply be uploaded onto a computer or phone via a USB cable. Too easy!


Forget bulky scan machines. For a convenient replacement choose Scanbox. Rest your cell phone on top of Scanbox, then place a document under scanbox. Then await a result of a scanned image. The price is quite convenient too at $15.


Amarillo2 clock
Allow us introduce you to the beautiful cardboard clock known as the Amarillo2. It is a superb design, both efficient and lightweight.


HP cardboard desk
Originally not for commercial application (it was used to promote the HP’s Z1 Workstation) this eye-catching design made it quite popular among all ages. This cardboard desk can take a weight of 30kg approximately.


Its all good!

Via: green diary

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